Loose Leash Walking Classes

1 hour lessons at Elijah Bristow Park for dogs 5 months and older.

The Nitty Gritty

Loose Leash Walking classes are a drop-in style class perfect for owners who are new to training or want more practice with their dog. Each class starts off the same with introductions and group rules, so newcomers will never be behind. You will receive an email, text, or phone call 24 hours before the class with which trail we will be meeting on and how to best get there. What to bring: - A dog walking training tool such as; a harness (front clip prefered), prong collar, martingale collar, or a slip lead. Please bring what you usually use with your dog or what you would like to learn to use. If you need help choosing what tool is best for you and your dog, please email me or set up an evaluation. - High value treats like cut up hot dogs, steak, chicken, freeze dried liver, or any tasty treats your dog loves! Remember, these lessons are group lessons in a highly distracting environment and regular treats may not be as rewarding for your dog and could hinder their learning process. - Treat pouch or fanny pack to hold your treats. - Poop bags to pick up after your pup. - A 5ft or 6ft standard leash. No retractables please! - Water for yourself and your dog. - Weather appropriate gear for yourself and your dog. Classes will be canceled for particularly bad weather, but usually will go on if there is some rain. This class is for dogs 5 months or older with no displays of aggression towards humans or other dogs. If you are unsure this group class is the right fit for you, please email me so we can set up an evaluation. Flea and tick prevention and proof of vaccinations are required to be emailed or brought on your first class day.

  • 25 US dollars
  • Elijah Bristow State Park

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