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Jaimi started her training journey in California in 2015 after adopting Quentin, a shy bully breed mix she had the intention of training to be her service dog. One year later, she and Quentin moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she landed an assistant trainer position at one of the most prestigious training companies on the east coast. Over a year and half later, she found herself back in California putting all of her knowledge into practice as a head trainer at Petco, before moving onto a sport and obedience training facility.


Flash back to her time in North Carolina, Jaimi spent her days off from learning all she could about training by working for a pet care company whose main role for the dogs of Charlotte was taking them on group hikes and play dates. This was a significant turn point in Jaimi’s career path to dog training as she and her group of dogs were able to let go, be silly and adventurous, and ultimately enriched and invigorated by the outdoors. Comments from pet owners she worked for about how happy and tired their dogs were after spending a few hours with her, helped Jaimi decide she didn’t just want to be a dog trainer. This idea that she could do both training and outdoor enrichment adventures spurred her plans for her future business. She made her dreams a reality in March 2020, when she started Care of Magical Canines.

Now living in Eugene, Oregon, Jaimi hopes to bring both her training expertise and love of adventure to the many wonderful dog owners in the southern Willamette Valley.

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What People Are Saying

Dog Outdoors Hiking in Woods Mixed Breed

Sarah & Whiskey

We love using Jaimi's services for our dog, Whiskey. We've been a client for over a year now and she's is such a gem in the dog care world. We regularly use her hiking services for Whiskey and have started using her new pool time service too, which our dog loves! Jaimi is easy to communicate with, reliable, and provides excellent care and enrichment through her services. When Whiskey sees her he gets so incredibly excited, and when he comes home he's exhausted from a good time. As an added bonus Whiskey really likes her pups too, so he gets to see his best friends with her as well. Wins all around!


Lucie & Dash

I used Jaimi to train me so that I could better train my puppy. I knew that he had the potential to learn, but I needed the skills to do it. She has been such a huge asset, super helpful, and very patient. I've seen immediate results with my dog. We practiced the skill a few times (wait, engagement, recall), and he picked it up. We will continue to work on these new skills. I can tell that my dog is happy and is eager to learn (and enjoys being rewarded with treats). It's fun to work with Jaimi and to watch her work with Dash. I've learned a lot in just a few sessions. I'd highly recommend Jaimi if you are looking for dog training classes. If I need a "refresher" in the future, I will definitely use Jaimi again. I also really appreciated Jaimi's emails going over everything we learned that week. It has been very helpful to read over the notes if I've forgotten something.

Dog at the Beach

Elizabeth, Chris, & Bowser

My husband worked with Jaimi to help start training our dog Bowser with simple commands and leash walking. She was very responsive and flexible when it came to scheduling and was able to meet somewhere close to our home. I love how she gave us homework and tips on how to continue training at home. She was enthusiastic during the training sessions and gave so many helpful suggestions from treats to different equipment we can use to help us reach our goal of loose leash walking. She would meet with my husband and Bowser then go home and email me everything they worked on in detail which helped so much! I’d definitely recommend her to help in all your dog training needs. Thank you for guiding us in the right direction!

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